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AQUAZOO Aquaculture SystemCustom Aquaculture for Zebrafish (Fish) Housing Care System


In response to the rise of marine biotechnology, there are many demands for researcher to set a fish animal model. Depending on needs, our company not only can build and set the aquatic system, but also help to establish aquatic animal model as zebrafish. In aquaculture system, it can repeat the large numbers of experimental groups under the smallest unit area. It is easy to operate, take care of marine animals and, do aquatic experiment.

Model: AQUAZOO aquaculture system for LAB
Model: GENDANIO aquaculture system for LAB


  • According to customer requirements OEM design(CAD drawing better).
  • Automatic self-cleaning system.
  • Ensure water flow is not blocked:
    Absolutely do not waste time clean tank every week
  • If you have another system, we can be modified to the our new system.
  • Spawning paired box set
  • Accessory could be installed:
    1. Automatic feeding system
    2. Cloud(remote) control aquaculture monitoring control system.
    3. ECO power saving control system


  • AQUAZOO Series -Self cleaning tank:
  • Flexibility ergonomic, autoclavable polycarbonate tanks (4L , 8L and custom others), lids and baffles.
  • Polycarbonate (PC) , it is for FDA approval food grade and tank can be sterilizated by high-pressure steam.


DEMO Video

GENDANIO-Model:AQUAZOO 4L Zebra Fish Tank Flow Test

GENDANIO-Model:AQUAZOO 4L Zebra Fish Tank Feeding Brine Shrimp Flow Test

GENDANIO-Model:AQUAZOO 4L Zebra Fish Tank After Feeding Brine Shrimp Flow Test

GENDANIO Tank- AQUAZOO SeriesQuote and get more Information:
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