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About Us


GENDANIO aquatic housing systems specializes and customizes in engineering and manufacturing aquatic housing systems and full-scale research facilities. Our experience covers recirculating as well as flow through and partial flow through systems. With almost 25 years in the aquaculture industry and our manufacturing capabilities, we will work with you to customize,manufacture the systems and incorporating the bio-technologies available. We have set up more than 200 standalone units in aquaculture laboratories and related companies.

Our in-house manufacturing service allows us to provide you an customized aquatic system and satisfy your specific needs in your laboratory or special environment. Our goal is to save your time and design easy-operating and easy-maintaining products for our valued costumer

Main Business:
1. Aquatic: Aquatic housing system, aquaculture water, filter sterilization system, plan design, and construct whole system.

2. Research Related Products: Fish / Zebrafish related antibodies, Fish / Zebrafish ELISA kits, water detection kits, custom morpholino, stable line keeping servies, and drug screening.

3. Interior Design: Laboratory design,  core lab design, and construct whole auto system.