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Rochester School Gets $65,000 Grant


(ABC 6 NEWS) --  A Rochester School is celebrating some big improvements.  Lincoln K-8 Choice School recently received a $65,000 dollar grant from from Lowes.

Money that will help with science education.  With the cut of the ribbon, the school is showing off its new, upgraded science lab.  the lab teaches students about zebrafish.

It's a research classroom created a couple years ago when Lincoln began a partnership with Mayo Clinic.  The program allows students a hands-on approach to studying genetics.

The grant purchased new microscopes, cabinets, countertops and work stations for students.

"Students in kindergarten all the way through 8th grade are doing these science projects and it's amazing where they are. Some of the students have actually presented at the international level, and they've just wowed different scientists so we are looking forward to what happens now with this brand new lab," Principal Jim Sonju said.

Eight grader Marissa Johnson has been working with zebra fish since the partnership began.  She's thrilled about the new lab, saying she's already a step ahead in science.

"I'm different than all the others and have more experience than all the others, and I have more experience with scene and whenever anybody asks the whole class about something I'm like, 'Oh I know this,'" Johnson said.

The grant also helped pay for improvements to Lincoln's science classroom with new lab stations and new microscopes.  The school had been borrowing microscopes from Winona State University.



Source: KAALtv.com